CBD for Athletes: Is it legal?

athletes and cbd

Athletes in all areas, whether it’s swimming, boxing, running, football, tennis or netball put a lot of stress on their bodies. This stress can have both a positive and a negative effect. Athletes train hard and their sport may cause physical trauma as well as general wear and tear. Either of these can lead to injuries and pain. Are athletes and CBD a legal winning combination?

What about current medication?

The current most popular methods of pain relief are effective. Yet, it is possible they are damaging to athlete’s bodies.

Over the counter pain relief, like ibuprofen only relieves pain for a short amount of time, and pose a potential threat of addiction. With all the research taking place on CBD it’s clear to see why athletes may want to try CBD to help with their recovery.

Is CBD legal for athletes?

This is one of the biggest questions that stops many sport professionals from looking into CBD! At the beginning of 2018 the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances for both during competitions and out of competition. As CBD is off this list it allows athletes to have access to effective pain relief as well as lowering the risk of addiction.

Despite CBD being off the prohibited list we would inform people to double check the level of THC in any CBD they buy. It is best to find one with no THC in as this will ensure it doesn’t show up on any drug test. If you are unsure about the manufacturing process as well you ask for a Certificate of Analysis (COA). EVERY CBD company should be able to supply this when asked for it. If not, then do not buy it.

How does CBD work for athletes?

All we see of athletes is when they take part in competitions, then they win and celebrated in the media; they make everything they do look effortless!

Yet, there is a lot more to it than that. Many athletes experience inflammation either after a training session or during a completion of their sporting activity. As we know from many reports and studies CBD has many anti-inflammatory properties. Taking CBD after either training or a competition may help to lower the inflammation over time.

As well as reducing inflammation, CBD may also help to relieve some of the stress and anxiety athletes may experience.

When a person experiences stress, their body produces a hormone called cortisol. When the body releases cortisol it slows down and often stops muscle recovery.

Studies show that CBD is helpful for reducing cortisol levels. This then allows a better energy supply to the body. The results from this showed an improvement in stamina and endurance.

When you put physical strain on your body, it’s important to look after yourself in the right way. If you are an athlete or know an athlete that may benefit taking CBD and would like some professional advice on how much to take and how often to take it, head to the UK Cannabis Clinic website. You’ll be able to find a medical professional with years of knowledge and experience to answer all your cannabidiol and medical cannabis questions.