Crohn’s disease and CBD

Crohn's disease and CBD

Have you heard people talk about Crohn’s disease but you aren’t sure what it is? Well, Crohn’s disease is one form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. With plenty of treatments available Crohn’s disease and CBD are becoming a popular combination. CBD is growing more in popularity every day. People using it as an alternative or supplement to help this painful and disruptive condition.

In the UK it’s estimated that Crohn’s Disease affects 115,000 people. The disease can start from any age but often appears for the first time between the ages 10-40. Yet did you know that Crohn’s disease and CBD may work well together?

Crohn’s Disease is a condition which causes inflammation in the digestive system or gut. It may affect any part of the gut from the mouth to the anus. The area that it affects the most is the end of the small intestine or the colon.

The areas where inflammation occurs are often patchy with parts of normal gut between. The patch of inflammation may be small and only a few centimetres in size, or spread out quite a distance along the part of the gut.

So where does CBD come into helping people with Crohn’s disease?

Some people though are still unsure of what CBD is and still associate the stereotypical style of getting high with it. CBD comes from the cannabis plant – it is the chemical which doesn’t contain any THC, which is what gives you the high.

The cannabis plant contains things called cannabinoids. Which have specific effects in the different parts of your body. Including things such as – the immune system, the brain and the rest of the central nervous system.

How can CBD help Crohn’s disease?

There is still a lot of research taking place about how CBD can help Crohn’s Disease. There has been lots of research done to suggest that CBD can help to regulate your appetite, relieve the pain felt with Crohn’s and can help to prevent vomiting and nausea.

With the lack of side effects known about CBD, more and more people are using it to relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s and have found they are living a much healthier life. If you suffer from Crohn’s Disease, it may be worth giving CBD a try.