Can you travel with CBD?

can you travel with cbd? travelling with cbd

Please note this advice is for UK-based people only.


Over the last 2 years CBD’s popularity has risen and continues to rise daily. It is getting much more media attention about its great benefits. The big question is – can I take it on a plane? Let’s have a look.

Taking illegal substances on planes is crazy. Cannabis comes from the cannabis plant and it doesn’t contain any THC (which is what gives you the ‘high’ feeling). With that being said there are still some people who see CBD as a bad thing and some airlines may not allow it.


How to find out which airlines accept CBD

Most airlines have social media pages to contact them on. We asked popular airlines such as EasyJet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Jet2, TUI and Thomas Cook to see where they stood on taking CBD on a flight and whether or not it should be in checked luggage or hand luggage.

EasyJet replied that the ‘oil would need to be in a 100ml bottle as it would need to be carried in the cabin. The security team would need to check the item as well’

Jet2 said that ‘CBD oil can be carried out in hand luggage providing it is under 100ml and for medical purposes, otherwise it will need to be carried in hold luggage’.

Thomas Cook said ‘it would depend on the customer destination’. It may be worth checking whether or not CBD oil will be allowed in the country you are travelling to.

British Airways also said it would depend on the destination, and it would have to ‘conform with the latest security advice provided by the security teams at the airports’.

TUI said that ‘CBD oil is not permitted on our flights’

In order to travel hassle-free through an airport or border control, we advise you to check whether or not your destination will allow CBD oil or CBD based products into the country. With the benefits of CBD gaining popularity not only in the UK this is an important consideration.