Weight management and CBD

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Weight loss management is a big issue in society at the moment and everyone seems to have a new found method of weight loss. These could be a new pill or supplement that helps you drop 4 dress sizes in 6 weeks! They may or may not work, either way many of us are wary of what is in these ‘miracle supplements’ and whether it’s beneficial for the body.

Can CBD have a positive impact weight? People lose weight for a multitude of reasons and everyone goes about doing that in a different way. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight can impact anyone’s life. Increased confidence and body confidence itself are some of the greatest impacts, so improving this feeling is a very good thing for everyone! Can weight management and CBD work as a positive combination?

What are the current ways to lose and manage your weight?

The most common method of losing weight is dieting, but this comes in many forms. A lot of diets can be strict and have negative impacts on the body’s general health. In some cases, people are dieting wrong and aren’t giving their body what it needs. When this happens, it is difficult to lose weight or keep weight off.

Exercise is the other most common form of weight control and this can improve your life in every way, leaving you healthier and happier, yet everyone needs a little help sometimes.

But can weight management and CBD work well together?

When thinking about cannabis many people associate it with getting a ‘high’ feeling and then getting the ‘munchies’. But, CBD is a cannabinoid taken from the cannabis plant which does not contain any THC. It is the THC that causes the psychoactive affects related to cannabis use and is also responsible for the “munchies”.

So, we know that CBD won’t increase your appetite, but will it help you lose weight?

Research suggests that CBD may help boost metabolism and improve the breakdown of fat. The receptors within CBD may stimulate genes and proteins that improve the breakdown of fat.

Studies also suggest that CBD may increase activity and production of fat cells mitochondria: this results in an increased ability to burn calories.

Whether you are starting to lose weight, or you’ve lost it and are struggling to keep it off, why not try adding CBD to your routine. For more information on dosing and what strengths to use when starting off head to www.ukcannabisclinic.com. Our trained medical professionals have years of experience with CBD and are able to help answer all your questions.