What are the different ways to take CBD?

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The popularity of CBD has exploded and on the back of this, so have the many ways in which you can take medical cannabis products. Our customers can find it confusing to figure out which would be best for them. The way you take cannabis determines how much you absorb and metabolise within your body.

There are many different ways people can take CBD, these include taken by mouth – oral, drops or gel kept in the mouth – sublingual and on the skin – topical.

Oral ingestion

A person can take medical cannabis by mouth in many ways and formulations like edibles or drinks. Once ingested the effects often start within 30-90 minutes, yet this varies from person to person. The effects typically peak at 2-3 hours and tend to last 6-8 hours depending on the dose. The issue with ingesting CBD is that the level of bioavailability (how much you absorb) is low, which makes it difficult to dose.

Sublingual method

Most people who use CBD tend to use it sublingually (under the tongue). This is the best way to take CBD as it’s absorbed quickly through the mucus membrane in the mouth. The medical cannabis then goes straight into the blood stream, bypassing the liver. The benefits of taking medical cannabis sublingually is that the effects are noticeable within 15-60 minutes after taking it.

Apply to the skin – topical

CBD is often added to ointments, salves and lotions. This way the CBD goes straight onto the skin to treat local pain or rashes (like psoriasis or eczema). This method of using CBD is one that’s been around for hundreds of years, especially for joint pain and the relief of certain skin rashes. Despite all the evidence and studies on how effective using CBD in topical form is, people do have to experiment with a few different forms before they find the right ointment, salve or lotion for their condition.

There is no one way to administer CBD, some prefer taking it sublingually, and some prefer using a topical ointment. It all depends on the person and the condition they wish to treat. What may work for one may not work for another it’s about finding something that works for you and the condition you would like to treat.