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Continuous Learning Process?

If you suffer from depression, or who knows someone who does, you will agree it’s one of the most debilitating conditions.

The number of people diagnosed with depression each year keeps increasing. Yet, more people are finding that CBD oil can be an effective and natural option. Used for alleviating some or all their symptoms. Let’s take a look at what CBD is.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many compounds which you find in a cannabis plant. It belongs to a class of substances called cannabinoids. As CBD is non-psychoactive, this means there is no ‘high’ feeling, instead you reap the benefits.

There are two different types of receptors located throughout the body. CB1 receptors are in the brain and central nervous system. CB2 receptors are in the peripheral organs. Especially cells associated with the immune system.

One thing many people don’t know is that our bodies naturally produce its own cannabinoids. These are endocannabinoids (endo meaning ‘inside’). The cannabis plant’s cannabinoids are phytocannabinoids (phyto meaning ‘plant’). As with any other nutrient, we can sometimes become deficient and need some extra help.

These different cannabinoids in our body keep our endocannabinoid system (ECS) healthy.